Some Testimonials From Clients

Search engine optimisation is difficult and it does take time to implement correctly. If you are using an SEO agency in Sydney that is using automated software for building spamed links automatically and building links in the thousands per month, your website could stand to get penalised. Once penalised, it doesn't come back.

Google is getting smarter every day. We are a Sydney link building consultants that delivers on page results using ethical methods that follow Google guidelines and algorithms.Many businesses that used SEO services which utilised spamming link building software saw their websites suffer in the panda and penguin updates.

I can assist your business with natural link building and even provide information for improving your on page factors. So if your website is lingering somewhere in the weeds and you would like to see some major improvements in Google rankings, give us a call.

We believe in working slow and getting fast results, than working fast and getting penalised. You really are dealing with an expert in search engine marketing when it comes to ranking websites.We are a back linking specialist that knows a lot about using Internet marketing to achieve online exposure.

I provide search engine optimization services or link building packages directly for your business. There is no middle man or major company. If you are serious about using an SEO service in Sydney that has been doing this for quite a few years and is post Panda and Penguin savvy, then give me a call today for your SEO Quote. We are the SEO Sydney Pros.

PK SEO: Best In Sydney Australia

What can I say, from being no where to be found in the organics to position two within a month for my targeted keyword. UNBELIEVABLE !!All this is thanks to Peter at PK SEO. The knowledge this SEO guru possesses is something to behold and far surpasses anyone I have dealt with before. He wasn't wrong when he said to me he deals with serious Pros in ranking websites. He passed that statement with flying colours.

I had to spend thousands before on adwords to show up on page 1, no more do I need to be spending thousands of dollars on adwords which expires once your budget runs out and for someone like me that has saved me many dollars.

My site is now on page 1 after Peter's efforts.I highly recommend Peter for his knowledge in SEO and his service and he is quick to respond to emails and more importantly, for me I felt like I was treated like a human being and Peter could see the needs to my business being important and treated it like it was his own.

Not once did I feel let down, in fact I felt comfortable working with Peter and that I could trust his seo advise and get on with my business. This is an Internet marketing professional that just does his job and excels at it. There's nothing more I can say. A very unique organics specialist

Thank you Peter for all your hard work and understanding.Mina


For one of the best Web Guys in Sydney

To anybody that may inquire about PK's levels of service in search engine know how, let me just say I personally hired Peter to assist our business in getting from no visibility on Google to page 1 in such a short period of time which was just ridiculous.

Under two weeks in fact. I can not recommend this man enough to anyone who would seek his services in wanting to be found on Google. Adwords has been offered to me so many times but from negative comments which I have heard with expenses and other associated misuse, it was not a viable option for my business.

When I hired Peter to help start ranking our site on Google he took the time and explained the ins and outs of where our site stood at the time and what possibilities our site had to rank better. A short time later, results were delivered in spades.Good work Peter and thank you for being there for our business.

Dave A1 Subaru

Wow is all i can say!!!!!!! finally I have met an SEO genius after months of pain staking trial and error with other companies claiming to be 'The best'. Australian companies that guarantee this, and guarantee that, and than outsource all your content and seo to places like India etc. Although some outsourcing is good, my content was so poor an Aussie couldn't even read it.

My previous bad experiences have cost me thousands of dollars, and i gained little or no ranking in the 3 to 4 months i used them.I feel truly blessed to have met 'Peter Karpouzas' from PK SEO Sydney. Just 2-3 weeks ago I was about to give up on my Isagenix website www.isaboost.com.au when i read a blog from Peter. I was really impressed with what he wrote, but more so with what he was offering.

Id like to personally highly recommend Peter for any SEO work needed from a perspective client. He truly does deliver in every sense of the word, he is there with you every step of the way, has a really massive great sense of humour like myself, and is a dream to work with and even have a laugh with.

Peter only takes on so many clients, to keep this service truly personilsed. Ive never met a guy who puts this much pride and enthusiasm to his work. I told Peter this morning he has a Gift from God. I call him 'The jedi knight of SEO'

Peter, You deserve this Testimonial

I run a business in Melbourne which is high end detailing of exotic cars and general vehicles and for so many years with my old website, my rankings struggled with my old SEO guy in Melbourne.

As many times as I complained, this service just could not get the results I wanted in order to get my phone ringing. Well, the time came that I had to build a new website and from there on I realised that no matter what website I had or how good it looked sitting in position 1000.000.00 isn't going to help anyone.

At least not me anyway. Peter came recommended to me through a friend of mine and when I spoke to him, I could tell this guy knew what he was talking about.

Happy go lucky guy, friendly to deal with and when it comes to his business, absolutely ruthless when it comes to delivering results. I'm now in position one and two for some of my most targeted keywords. He did say to me...." if you really want to rank, you need to follow what I'm going to tell you and forget everything you've heard in the past.

Do this, and you will see results. I'll never forget those words. Weeks later, the site was ranking.....WHAT THE HELL !! The best thing was I couldn't believe how fast I saw changes in my rankings.

This man is definitely a know it all when it comes to getting better rankings and getting the phone ringing. Peter, thank you so much for making it happen for me. I don't know where I would have turned to had I not got that recommendation that day. Guys like this are certainly needed in this Niche

Best of luck Buddy

MarioEurogloss Prestige

Peter, you are a Godsend

When I initially had my website built for gay dating services, I didn't know who to turn to until I was recommended to Peter as I was informed he had vast strengths in affiliate marketing, however, I was still skeptical even though this was an affiliate dating site which is very competitive in the online dating scene.

Peter is not one of the cheapest SEO hot guys around but he certainly packs the bang for the dollar value from a gay dating site scene. Peter had my site visible on the web within a matter of days and onto page 2 within weeks. My site now, after six weeks is already ranking on page one for its targeted keyword terms.

Being on page one in such a short space of time for one of my keyword terms " gay match " is just insane. Peter, you are absolutely amazing dear. I don't know what I would have done without your assistance in ranking my website and especially so fast, just the way I like it. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Oh and by the way, if you ever need my services you handsome man you, please don't hesitate to ask darling. Hahaha just joking!