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" Quality Sydney SEO Packages That Move The Needle "

Afforadble SEO Plans For Small BusinessLooking For affordable Sydney SEO packages that deliver results ?

Here at PK SEO Services, we do our best to deliver affordable internet marketing services in Sydney and all over Australia that we know works and works well.

Not all our clients can afford premium SEO packages pricing and many really do not need to be paying for premium SEO monthly packages when we can provide affordable SEO services for small business that delivers results. Most premium SEO packages are usually reserved for national SEO or clients seeking to pursue a large range of keywords.

Even our cheap SEO plans for local SEO Services at $1600.00 PM  work to deliver results every month in your local area and they work well. There is not a plan or budget that we can not cater to with our SEO packages. We will even tailor make a custom SEO plan if we have to


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We can even provide Google Map Pack SEO Services every month for the best possible map exposure for your business. If you are not showing on the Google map pack, it can not hurt to start taking action on improving your map pack rankings which can get your business working almost instantly as opposed to just organic SEO.

Map pack SEO starts at 490.00 per month for setting up and building on long term exposure

Affordable SEO Packages For Small Business

Here at PK SEO, we have structured the best possible effective and affordable SEO packages for small business and corporate SEO to suit the most budget conscience clients that we can put together that still get results. These are affordable SEO packages that get results even in some difficult niches, depending on competition weaknesses and strengths.

These are the best SEO plans we can structure that we know will get better results for most clients seeking to hit page 1 of Google or search engines through on page SEO and off page SEO

Our aim is only one. To get our clients the exposure they need and the best possible return on investment for the services they pay for.

Cheap SEO Plans That Should Be Avoided At All Costs

SEO Packages Sydney Thinking of taking up those gold plated really cheap SEO packages for 300 dollars per month that promise the earth on rankings and boosts in your sales ?

Good long term .." QUALITY " ..SEO is not easy to come by when you are dealing with big promise SEO companies who just assign a rep to you and all they know is how to automate sleazy link building methods in the hope of better rankings when all this leads to is domain penalties.

This is why these SEO packages are cheap. There is no real hand-done SEO. It is all software generated and that leads to penalties when these links are pointed directly to your site.

Seriously cheap SEO packages for your domain is like eating cheap takeout every day. Eventually, you will cease to function. Below we have compiled the cheapest possible SEO packages we can that still get results within local areas of your business's operations and Citywide if Needed.

We specialise in Sydney SEO for the most part as the majority of our clients are local Sydney Clients but we are not limited to just Sydney.

Premium SEO Packages

If you are on the other hand looking for the best SEO company in Australia, what you really need is the best SEO Consultant in Australia. Someone who is dedicated to your SEO efforts and getting the best possible results in your rankings.

What you get With Our Power House SEO Packages

On Site SEO Checks

  1. On Site Technical Errors ( Correct All Errors Possible That Directly Effect Rankings )
  2. Improve On Site SEO For Better Performance
  3. Title ( H1 ) Checks
  4. Subheader Count Check
  5. Header Tag Correction
  6. Image Alt Tag Checks And Count
  7. Content Structure Text Count
  8. Keyword Targeting And Text Relation ( Rank Brain ) Important For Ranking For As Many Possible Keywords. Not Just Primary Keywords
  9. SEO plugins Required for Better Overall Site Performance
  10. Broken Links
  11. Dead End Pages That Possibly Effect Rankings
  12. Keyword Count
  13. Keyword cannibalisation Checks
  14. Internal Link Structure
  15. 404 Errors Or Pages Not Found And Anything More We Find That Effects On Site Structure

With on site SEO Audits, we analise what needs to be fixed on your site from technical SEO errors and we tune your site to perfection. We have a WP development team that is very in-depth and thoroughly trained in WordPress platforms. From here on we check for all off page SEO Elements

Off Page SEO Checks

Full Off Page SEO Audit

  1. Incoming Links. It is here we determine what links are beneficial and what may be hurting rankings.
  2. Link Sources
  3. Incoming link Count
  4. DA and TF link Quality Pointing To Your Site
  5. Diversity Of Links
  6. Authority Links ( EU Or Gov )
  7. Spammy Links
  8. Citation Building
  9. Web 2 Creations
  10. Profile Creations
  11. High DA And TF Outreach Guest Posting For Quality High Authority Backlinking
  12. Google Map Pack SEO
  13. Google Map Pack Embeds For Better Exposure
  14. High Authority News Releases
  15. Niche Edit Link Building ( Aged Related Blogs Where We place Links Back To Your Site )
  16. Social media signals plan to get your brand out there for better rankings
  17. And Anything More We Can Find That Directly Impacts SEO

Our power house SEO packages for competitive keywords is the ultimate in Search engine optimisation techniques. These SEO plans for competitive keywords are designed for maximum impact for small and big businesses and are also effective for high competition niches.

They are designed to produce results in some of the toughest to rank in industries and if you have been looking for something like this, then this is the SEO plan we recommend.



SEO Packages

Stage 1 Monthly SEO
Package Inc GST

$1600.00 Per Month

  • On Site SEO Audit &Technical Adjustments Recommendations
  • Keyword Optimisation For Home Page
  • Google My Business SEO
  • Map Embeds For Improved Visibility
  • Local Area Targeting SEO
  • Local Citations
  • Random PageSocial Media Signals Posting
  • Theme Related Blog Post Per Month

Cheapest Cost-Effective SEO Package For Small Business

When it comes to SEO plans and outgoing expenses, we understand that most businesses at the best of times are doing it tough with running costs.

So we devised an SEO strategy plan that can still provide affordable SEO services for small business over the long term and still deliver higher improved SEO results even on a cost effective SEO package.

There is a fine line between cheap SEO packages that work and really cheap SEO packages for small business that get domains penalised.

This is by far the best SEO package for small business that we can offer, is cost-effective and still covers time with site audits and all search engine optimisation to help increase rankings.

If you have a small business that you would like to see improved on search engine rankings, this is a good and effective SEO package that makes tracks for local SEO reach for most small businesses in many different industry niches.

SEO packages cheaper than this always end up leading to poor quality SEO which stems from the likes of link farms, low quality directories  and also lead to domain penalties.

Once your domain is marked by Google, it is then constantly under Google's eye

Google Map Pack Set Up And Map SEO

If you own a business that is online, being visible for as many terms as possible in the Google Map Pack should be an integral part of any online exposure.

It shocks me that there are still thousands of businesses out there that still do not have Map Pack listings on Google for local exposure. Not only this but, if you are signing up to a stage 1 SEO plan or start up SEO plan, being listed in the Google Map Pack SEO goes hand in hand with local area SEO services

Google Map Pack SEO Starts at $490.00 Per Month

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Premium SEO packages


SEO Services Physiotherapy
Stage 2 SEO Package

Stage 2 Monthly SEO
Package Inc GST

$2900+Min Per Month

Standard Local Area Targeting For Long Term
Sustained Growth


  • On Site SEO Audit And Landing Page Optimisation
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • SEO Audit &Technical Adjustments Recommendations
  • Monthly Link Building Outreach
  • Google My Business Monthly SEO
  • Map Embeds
  • Local Citations
  • Local City SEO
  • Social Media Posting
  • Local Area Targeting
  • STD-Mid DA Monthly Link Building Outreach






Stage 3 Monthly SEO
Package Inc GST 

$3900+ Min Per Month

This Package Is Designed To Compete With Stronger Competition In Your Local Area


  • On Site SEO Audit And Landing Page Optimisation
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Content Creation If Necessary
  • SEO Audit &Technical Adjustments Recommendations
  • STD-Mid DA Monthly Link Building Outreach
  • Blog Post Per Month
  • Google My Business SEO Monthly
  • Map Embeds
  • Local Area Targeting
  • Local Citations
  • Social Media Posting

Stage 4 Custom Power House Package Inc GST

Min Per Month  Stage 4 Custom SEO Plan For Competitive Niches For State Or National Rankings.

  • On Site SEO Audit And Landing Page Optimisation
  • Content Creation If Necessary
  • SEO Audit &Technical Adjustments Recommendations
  • Mid -High DA And TF Monthly Link Building Outreach
  • Google My Business SEO Monthly
  • Map Embeds
  • Local Area SEO
  • State SEO
  • National SEO
  • Local Citations
  • Social Media Posting
  • High Authority News Releases Where Necessary


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