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Best Organic SEO For Criminal, Family And Commercial Law Firms In Sydney

Looking for the best law firm SEO specialist in Sydney or in Australia ? If you want to be able to get more traffic to a law firm site and more calls from potential clients, then you need to be found on page one of Google to get those calls and establish your brand on the internet.

PK SEO services specialise in competitive SEO for difficult niches including law firm websites. Whether you are a drink driving lawyer or criminal solicitor, we can cater to getting you on page one. You need complete website optimisation involving on page SEO and off page SEO for this to happen.

Searching for the best SEO company for law firms doesn't always cut it either. Why be assigned to a rep with a standard plan when you can have one the best SEO consultants for law firms in Sydney.

Here at PK SEO, our intention is only one, and that is to simply position your law firm on page one of Google with careful online marketing  and simply drive more traffic to your business.

Whether you are a divorce lawyer, property lawyer, or criminal lawyer, as a local SEO Provider, we'll SEO your website to the letter and put your business on page one of Google.


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Looking For An SEO Company In Sydney Or Anywhere In Australia ?

We are not an SEO company but dedicated consultants that deal directly with you. Specialist SEO experts with nearly 20 years experience can help you achieve page one positioning by careful targeting of your keywords, your on page SEO, off page SEO, and to establish what it is exactly that your competitors are currently ranking for through highly advanced techniques of tracking competitor sites.

SEO companies will assign you a project manager who will oversee and track your growth. This does not necessarily mean they carry out all the SEO work.

SEO companies and most of them treat their clients like numbers in a system and because they provide very cheap SEO packages for business, they often do not invest manpower but software power or even worse, outsource your work to Indian SEO.

Not good for long term results. Why have this when you can have your own consultant who carries out the work themselves? Our entire client base is Ex SEO company clients.

How Long Have We Been Practising SEO ?

We have been doing SEO for about 18 plus years now getting ready to close of two decades of SEO experience. We know SEO and what is needed to rank sites on page one of Google. We are one of the best SEO in Sydney that compete against some of the best in internet marketing. We rank sites in some of the most competitive industries on the internet. Dating websites, call centres, weight loss, health and online education product sales just to name a few. You can always fill out our form for an SEO quote for law firms.

Will ranking Your Law Firm Be Difficult ?

No, it won't. Ranking a law firm on the top page is not difficult. It takes a consistent skill set and time. Ranking on page one of Google in the organics takes time in any industry, not just legal.  How fast your site ranks is a matter of the level of your competition, how long they've been on the web, their SEO efforts and quality of SEO, and their investment input into their SEO. Internet marketing involves many different avenues of online exposure. SEO is not the only avenue but natural organic SEO can yield huge volumes of traffic when target correctly plus trust and exposure of brand. If you want to be found, you must be on page one of Google.

How Do We Get Traffic To Your Law Firm ?

As Sydney SEO experts, we generate traffic to your business through careful online SEO Services For Law firmsmarketing practices. This very much involves on page SEO  with carefully targeted off page SEO.

It is a consistent strategy involving social media signals that will get your business on page one of Google and get your phone ringing with enquiries.

Your brand must stay consistent with on page SEO in order to establish trust with Google and potential clients as your business is gradually exposed to thousands of potential clients on the web.

Organic SEO is about long term winning and our carefully planned SEO strategies for law firms are designed to do just that, to get your website to to page 1 of Google and increase traffic to your website.

These Are Just Some Steps Of How We Get Traffic To To Your Site

On Page SEO

  • Onsite Analyses
  • Meta Tags
  • Content Structure
  • Titles
  • Headers
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Content Length
  • UI And UX Structure

Off Page SEO

  • Increasing Inbound Link Count
  • High authority Inbound Links
  • Social media Signals
  • Local Citations
  • Map Listings
  • Local SEO city targeting as a Whole

So What Law Firms Do We Provide SEO For ?

  • Family Lawyers Sydney
  • Criminal Law Firms
  • Criminal Lawyers Sydney
  • Law Firms Melbourne
  • Law Firms In Perth
  • Criminal Lawyers Melbourne
  • Family Solicitors In Newcastle
  • Commercial Lawyers
  • Business Lawyers
  • Property Lawyers
  • Family Lawyers Eastern Suburbs
  • Drug Trafficking Lawyers and Barristers
  • Manslaughter Representation Lawyers
  • Divorce solicitors
  • Drink driving layers
  • Traffic lawyers and Solicitors