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Negative Reviews And Responding To Them

Did You Know That


of online shoppers will review products or services before making a purchase decision


Of shoppers will allow reviews to influence their buying decisions online for products or services


" WAKE UP CALL "...90 plus % of searchers or ready to buy customers will avoid bad review products or services if left online. That is frightening.

Can You Remove Negative Reviews Online ?

Yes you can remove negative reviews online from Google if you take action to restore your online reputation quickly. Buying decisions are today so heavily influenced by positive or negative customer experiences and when they are posted online either through Google reviews, FB, Twiter, product or service review platforms like Trip Advisor, Ripp off Report and many others, they stand to impact your online line presence, either positively or negatively. We may be Sydney SEO consulting Experts but at PK SEO Services we assist wherever we can

Negative reviews on a business can do a lot more damage than you think if left on Google reviews or search results with no action taken to remove bad reviews.

Reputation management services have lately been climbing in demand thanks to negative reviews on Google search results or other sites where anyone can actually place a complaint about your business.

Who Can Help Remove Negative Or Fake Reviews ?

SEO Agencies and companies are now aligning their businesses, offering reputation management services as an added service to their existing SEO to help remove fake or negative comments with client sites.

So you've been hit with a fake review or unfair one and you are wondering how you can get rid of bad reviews that would otherwise hurt your business online. What do you do ? Who do you turn to ? It it possible to remove negative reviews online to begin with ?

Have You Been Hit With Bad Review On The Following Sites ?

Facebook, Glassdoor, Ripp Off Report, Bing, Complaints Board, Trip Advisor, or Whirlpool. These websites are most times un-regulated and can pop up when you least expect it.

So What Can You Do To Remove Negative Reviews ?

Google reviewsIf you've had a complaint placed about your business, there are some steps you can take yourself to try and remove the negative review about your business. Although there are no guarantees, it is at least a start and provides the very first steps in removing fake or negative reviews.

What Are Some Reputation Management Strategies ?

  • If you have had a defamatory or fake review placed against your business, it is of the utmost importance for your business's sake that you make contact with the website owner as soon as possible to try and remove any negative comments about your business. Contact the site webmaster and ask to have the comment or fake comments removed ASAP, especially if they are defamatory comments.
  • Another action you can take is to respond to the reviewer and request that they remove the negative comments about your business and that you are willing to assist them in their complaint in order to restore their faith in your business and that you will work and discuss their concerns offline by meeting with them or just talking with them.
  • If none of the above work, the next step you can take is to ask your existing customers to leave positive reviews which will in turn over time push any negative reviews lower and lower.

Negative Or Fake Google Reviews

Remove Bad Reviews From Google

The most prominent reviews you can get whether good or bad ones are on Negative Google Review RemovalGoogle places, or what is otherwise these days known as Google my business or the map pack. If you have a Google places listed business, the possibility of you receiving any complaints about your business will definitely show up here.

Customer Service Has Never Been More Important

It is very important how you deal with clients over the phone or at your place of business to avoid any negative comments.

Placing comments about your business is very easily done on the Google map pack and can ultimately hurt your business as these comments or complaints are not regulated and are very difficult for the everyday business to have removed by themselves.

If you get any negative reviews about your business here, it is crucial that you take action immediately as listed above to attempt to resolve business/client conflict. Take action with the steps above to alleviate the situation as quickly as possible.

I can't Get My Negative Reviews Removed. Now What ?

Have you have made a serious attempt to make contact with website review owners sites ? Have you requested to have any bad comments about your business removed and have had no such luck ?

It may be time you seek the assistance of some reputation management services to take it up a notch and help make this process as easy as possible to try and restore your company reputation online.

We can help take it to the next level in restoring your company reputation with a team of reputation experts.

Have Your Had Negative customer Reviews Left On The Following Sites ?

  • Google Reviews Against Your Business
  • Google Search Results Which Is In The Organics
  • Google Image Removal
  • Glass Door
  • Trip Advisor
  • Product Reviews
  • Fake Or False Reviews Against Your Business
  • The Rip Off Report

Google Reviews Removal

Remove bad reviews from GoogleThere is no fear online when it comes to customer reviews like bad ones. It can send shivers down your spine and scuttling in desperation to get these comments about your business removed  as fast as possible. However, easier said than done, but it is possible. It is ultimately the easiest way to spread the reputation about a business.

The old fashioned way was word of mouth. Online comments about your business is now the new word of mouth and it can be done instantly and very easily with only a gmail account needed, and that is it.

It is fact that most buying decisions from online shoppers today online are influenced by customer reviews and well over 80% of decisions of where a purchases is made is based on reviews.

In many instances, you may sometimes wonder, where you may have gone wrong with a client to receive a bad review. Did you know however that many times these comments are often placed by disgruntled competitors or trolls ?

Regardless of who it was, there is nothing that can spread bad rumors faster about your business online than one gold star with bad comments, and one that is visible as well. After all the bad news, there is light at the end of tunnel.

Can We Help Remove Bad Comments From Google ?

Google Reputation Management Services Here at PK SEO Consulting, we can help remove any bad reviews from Google and bring you peace of mind that your business is no longer suffering the demise of a bad client experience or fake comment left by a competitor online. Although this is not guaranteed, we make the necessary effort to accomplish all removals using all avenues with Google.

There is no question that as long as a bad comment about your business stays online, and especially in view, it will continue to hurt your brand and cost you a lot of money.

In these situations, your internet marketing service provider should go to work immediately to help remove bad reviews on Google about your business as quickly as possible and restore your business online.




Google Search Results Removal

When you have a business and that business is online, it is inevitable that you will eventually start searching for your business online using your own keywords. We as SEO Specialists  do this ourselves. We do not only rely on ranking software alone and not all clients do either.

There are times however will unfortunately run into a URL string that is possibly from a review site, a forum, social media platform or other that will put your office management on notice very quickly and possibly into panic stations. Negative Google Search results can impact your business and in many cases reduce your sales margins more that you can imagine.

Google Reputation Management

Can Negative Google Search Results Be Removed ?

Yes Google search results content can be removed. The possibilities of having content removed form Google search results can to some look daunting and impossible to remove but removing negative search results is possible to do when you deal with the right reputation management company.

You can not neglect the fact that bad search results about your business can do your reputation serious harm in the long run and that they must be removed.

Best Reputation Management That We Can Provide

When you make contact with us and discuss your concerns about search results that may be affecting your reputation online, we will go into action and begin immediate efforts to remove any negative, defamatory or malicious URL strings from the web and have them de-indexed.

Our understanding is to restore your online reputation back to normal and return your business back to you with a positive online presence.

Effective Content Removal

There is nothing more important when your business is online that it continues to portray a positively ethical and trustworthy reputation. Tht this continues for the sake of your sales and revenue is of the utmost importance and when you discover damaging comments about your business, you must take action to remove them.

Although the internet can sky rocket your business, it can also destroy its reputation at the press of a button. At PK SEO Consultants, we exhaust every avenue in removing and de-indexing damaging online content to restore your reputation and return your business back to you on an even playing field with all your competitors.

Google Search Results Removal

There are no short cuts here. If you are currently experiencing complications with your clients or business because of bad content, then you certainly understand that they will not go away until they are removed. Let us remove them and put your mind at ease.

Glass Door Review Removals

Reviews these days are not just about products or services. The internet has expanded to reach well within your walls not just for your clients to post reviews about your business as well. It's frightening how far and fast the internet is now reaching these days to the point where even your exiting employees can leave a review about your business.

Over time, it may become difficult for you to hire employees or you may find the responses are minimal to your job offerings. Glass door in the last few years has grown to become one of the biggest platforms for employees to leave negative employment experiences online about a previous employer. Whether right or wrong, there is nothing g to stop an ex-employee from leaving negative comments about your business with Glass Door.

Glass Door Reviews

Trip Advisor Review Removals

Looking to take a trip overseas ? Looking at using trip advisor for hotel recommendations to take your family overseas to the highest recommended hotels ? Well guess what, so are your clients if you are the one that owns a hotel or motel.

Every body at some stage of their holidaying planning journey will somehow fall onto trip advisor for hotel recommendations. If you own restaurants, hotels, motels or anything to do with hospitality, chances are pretty good there may be a review about your business left on Trip Adsvisor.

This is a MASSIVE site for people holidaying around the globe and constantly leaving reviews about hospitality businesses online. This site generates anything up to about 300 entries per  minute by users who have experienced either a bad or positive experience.

This site can add loads of credit to your business but it can also hurt your business once reviews become very visible by anyone checking on your reputation online.

The most major problem with Trip advisor is that it lacks user verification which makes it possible for almost a child to leave a bad review about your business and this can get ugly.

The worst complication is that like you competitors, there is nothing to say that a review left behind was by an actual client or customer of yours.

Trip Advisor Review Removals

Hotel Review Removal

Remove Trip Advisor Reviews As Fast As Possible

If bad reviews stay on Trip Advisor for a long time, This can inevitably do some serious damage and wreak havoc on your bottom line. Not only will it deter any new clients looking for your services but can also cost you existing ones, as well. Nobody needs this happening to their reputation online.

Trip Advisor is trusted by millions a safe and secure source for highly recommenced and not recommended services around the globe....DON'T....end up on the wrong side of the fence with this platform and not act to have bad reviews removed from Trip Adsvisor.

As much as it is every users right to be able to exercise their complaint process publicly online, you, as the business owner also has a right exercise yours. Do not be discouraged from taking action in restoring your online reputation by removing as many harmful comments as possible. We have a team that quickly act on this and restore you business and peace of mind.

Our strategies involved in restoring your online reputation are a few and one of those methods is to restore your brand by presupposing damaging content and de-indexing harmful Google search results reviews left behind online and increasing positive results about your business instead.

Your Brand Reviews Online

As long as there are brand review platforms online where anyone can leave a review about your business and their experience, it is imperceptive that you only acquire positive ones. Clients are more likely to leave bad comments about a business than positive ones. in most cases, positive are only left when requested by business who promote being left behind about their brand.

When it comes to bad reviews, they are pretty much left all the time, and unbeknownst to the business owner. It is  a fact that consumer confidence only leads to more sales.

Allow anything on the web that is a distasteful experience about your business, and expect consumer confidence to fall. Only you can act to fix this and when you hire our reputation management service, we act to restore your reputation online.

Product Review Removal

Product Review is one of the major platforms online for consumers to leave bad or good product reviews. As Sydney SEO Services, this is common request for us

This site generates alone in Aus around the Five million mark in hits alone with people leaving their thoughts of tears or pleasures online in little text form that describes your business positively or negatively. If you are a service or product operator or happen to own an E-Commerce site, this platform can do some serious damage to your online exposure.

As stated at the very top of our page, 90 plus percent of buying decisions are influenced by reviews. It is of vital priority that your business remains un effected from these negative comments online and you really must do everything you can to burn negative online reports in Product Review.

Product Review Removals

Whether it is fake comments, competitors or someone who has nothing better to do with their time, your reputation looking and staying positive is imperative. As sad as it is to post fake reviews, it is also very possible and millions do it every day.

Here at PK SEO specialists, we don't just do SEO, we protect our client brands as well. We are committed to cleaning up the mess left behind by unscrupulous competitors, trolls or fake reviews, or any review that can do do damage to your online reputation.

We will work with you until you are satisfied with the results you get from us in restoring your online reputation. We are the reputation management specialist.

Fake Review Removal

Suffering from fake reviews ? Google plus other search engines as a whole has never made the world so much smaller and everything so much closer in reach when it comes to products or services. It has opened so many avenues and opportunities for businesses to increase sales not just locally but all over the Globe.

As good as this may be, it can also be short lived if fake reviews begin to pop up about your online reputation. the internet can thus have quite the opposite effect on your business.

As much as the internet has its benefits, it also has its downsides and people all over the globe being able to express the views online on a daily basis makes of a concoction of disasters one after the other when it comes to fake reviews online. word about your business can reach the other side of the world at light speeds with the press of a button.

Here at PK SEO experts, our brand reputation specialists can help remove fake reviews from Glassdoor, Rip off report, Google places or Maps and Product Review just to name a few and restore buyer confidence back in your business.


Fake Review Removal

Rip Off Report Removals

There is no denying that it can be very hurtful to find that someone has left some objectionable comments about your business online and that it can send you to panic stations.

When it comes to The Rip Off Report, this site has millions of posts from around the glove from disgruntled customers who were not satisfied with a  product or service and otherwise deemed your business to be of a Rip Off.

The standard practice when a report is logged about your business is that it can not be removed. This can pose problems for many. How do you deal with this ? where do you go ? How do you remove a bad comments about your business off Rip Off Report ?

Rip Off Report Removals

Google Rewards Fresh Content Good Or Bad

Because the Rip Off Report is so huge in content, one thing Google loves is fresh content, and when it is made available ( with your business in the headlines at hand ) it magically appears scream straight to page 1 of Google.

When you suddenly discover that some unwarranted or hurtful comments have from Rip Off Report have found their way to page 1 of Google, this can tend to do some irreversible damage to your brand and bottom line.

It is without question that potentials customers are seeing these comments about your business and running for their lives elsewhere. What makes matters even worse is that removing negative comments off Rip Off Report can be incredibly difficult but it is possible and we know how to make these annoying reports go away.


Removing Bad Reviews Online Is The Only Way To Restore Your Brand

If you want to have your hiring remain un-effected, the only real way to make that happen is to remove all reviews left by disgruntled employees.

This way, your standard hiring procedures remain untouched by bad reviews and this in the long term deters any unwarranted further expense to try and find employees for your business.

Our aim is to help restore your reputation with our web content removal services and restore your reputation online. All clients are a case by case basis and we tailor our services to you based on your online circumstances at hand in dealing and removing defamatory or misleading employee experience reviews or comments left on Glass Door.

Online comments like this can be troubling to many but rest assured, we do everything we can to restore your online presence.

What Platforms Can We Help Restore Your Reputation With ?

Most common platforms that we assist with reputation management and can help remove negative content removal is :

  • Facebook
  • Google Search
  • Google Reviews
  • Glassdoor
  • Bing
  • Ripoff Report
  • You Tube
  • Instagram
  • Whirlpool
  • Complaint Board
  • Product Review

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